Simplifying Marketing Automation

with Human-interface



Look into how CBI Marketing Solutions can provide additional clients for you through multi touch, multi-channel lead generation and appointment program services.

Expand your market through engaging in all platforms of marketing to generate interest and have a widespread dissemination of information about your services. Check out how CBI Marketing Solutions can maximize your sales potential by contacting the right prospects with the right message at the right time by lead generation automation.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Customer Profiling

Managed Marketing Automation

Human Interface Managing System Tool

CBI Marketing Solution’s unique CRM tool features human-interface in managing marketing automation.  Our human interaction management ensures human-to-software check and balance managing system between your own tool and our personnel so to ensure quality and reliable leads for your sales campaign.

We provide more than just software but as well as quality service to achieve your target prospects.

How our Service Works

Lead Nurture Tool

Human-to-human interface lead monitoring and generating consists of six channels such email, SMS, postal mail, voice, and website that will give out quality results that will help you in your decisions and optimize the efforts done in your marketing strategy. Provides quality personnel service in managing your own software with marketing automation.

Multi-channel Interaction

Because your future clients are always on the go, we are making sure that you can seek them without always reaching a robotic answering machine. Our Multi-channel Interaction works with contacting your clients by our trained personnel through – voice, email, social, web, and postal mail.

Human Interface Database

Our database consists of list possible clients directly gathered through person-to-person interaction from 50 million decision makers, giving you the option to grow your business globally.

CRM Pipeline

Automated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps you manages your leads, monitor and evaluate your campaigns, and build business relationship. Engage with user-friendly and man-powered marketing automation designed to maximize your sales performance.

Our Personnel

Since Our Marketing Automation features human-based interaction and evaluation. Our dedicated personnel are working together to expand your market and secure your target sales.

Voice Support agent

Performs outbound telemarketing and sales campaign based on your criteria with at least 160 contact-interactions a day. Our training involves product knowledge and communication to ensure quality interactions with your future clients.

Account Manager

Ensures that your sub-personnel are reaching the goal with detailed managing, execution and evaluation. Your account manager will be your main point of contact during the campaign. You may address any questions or follow ups to him/her.

Database Specialists

Will encode, analyze and evaluate vital data from your clients. These data are tied up together in a contact list consisting of customer contact, job title, and company name before supplying them into your target parameter.

QA or Quality Analyst

Will evaluate call interactions with clients to certify the validity of information from database, appointment setting and close-sale interaction.

Email Marketers

Will send follow up email for appointment setting and close-sale interaction. Ongoing email blasting for campaign and information dissemination

Creative Support

Creates and designs your landing page website, brochures for postal mails, content advertisement and business letters. They assure fresh and authentic content marketing for you and your clients.

Our Objective

CBI Marketing Solutions is all about quality, commitment and exceptional service towards our clients worldwide. The company will deliver quality sales lead based on the unique criteria of the client. Our tested sales teams are expected to provide prime solutions, effective sales process and cover any business obstacles. Guaranteed 100% of exceptional service that will achieve the success of your campaign

Why Choose Us

CBI Marketing Solutions is a multi-awarded top tier sales and marketing firm since 2004. The company has been leading in providing global market access via database services and lead generation through multi touch marketing. The company pioneered the development of marketing automation to improve the lead generation industry.
The company has served ten thousand clients and continues to provide quality leads. The company consists of more than 800 dedicated employees in moving your campaign forward.


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