Lead Nurture Tool

Automate all actions depending on the prospects response.
Specific triggers can be set depending on what suits your campaign the best.

1. Automate Behavior-Based Action

Sending consequent emails depending on the action that your prospect took which is designed meticolously to answer all questions before they even come up. Preventing confusion about the services/product that you provide at the same time getting them prepped and ready for a sales meeting.

Once ready for a meeting, SMS will automatically be sent directly to your prospects phone to remind them of the meeting. It is important to remind them in all possible ways to eliminate “no shows” as well as reschedule ahead of time if necessary.

This sets our lead nurture scheme apart. Not only through emails, you can also set your nurture scheme to automatically send promo postcard or a welcome brochure directly to their hands.

2. Customized Content

Create your own landing page. You can choose form the many templates that we offer to put your landing page and content in to. It can be a whole overview of your company or just a specific definition of your porduct/services. Either way, you can create the most effective landing page and have your personal touch on it.

You can mail us some of your flyers or brochure and we will be tho one the send to your prospects depending on the trigger that you set.

To remind you of all appointments or meetings, you can set up your trigger to send you and your prospect a reminder SMS. These call all be set up with the scheme that you want to set.

3. Real Time Response

Just like your PipelineCRM, our Lead Nurture Tool is also equipped with an activity log. You can generate detailed reports and full performance reports so you can gauge a certain scheme. It monitors how the email marketing effort is doing and lets you monitor the current progress. All can be done in just a click of a mouse.

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