Lead Nurture Tool

Automate all actions depending on the prospects response.
Specific triggers can be set depending on what suits your campaign the best.

1. Automate Behavior-based Action


Sending consequent emails depending on the action that your prospect took which is designed meticolously to answer all questions before they even come up. Preventing confusion about the services/product that you provide at the same time getting them prepped and ready for a sales meeting.


Once ready for a meeting, SMS will automatically be sent directly to your prospects phone to remind them of the meeting. It is important to remind them in all possible ways to eliminate “no shows” as well as reschedule ahead of time if necessary.


This sets our lead nurture scheme apart. Not only through emails, you can also set your nurture scheme to automatically send promo postcard or a welcome brochure directly to their hands.


Keeping the leads warm and ready is the name of the game in lead nurturing. You can set reminders to call your prospects depending on the actions they took upon initial interactions. Since they just recently open the email that you sent or visited your website etc, it is prefered to contact them right away while the information is still fresh on their minds.