Our Cloud-Based Lead Management and Marketing automation system.

 It gives you the power to Monitor, Manage and over see the whole multi touch multi channel process and marketing automation in one CRM. With real time data and ease of access provided, it just like having one our dedicated team sitting beside you and ready to answer any question that you might have in terms of lead management. A very easy user friendly CRM designed to provide you easy access to monitor all of your Callbox team’s actvity anytime, anywhere.

All activities in your campaign documented and ready for review, what more can you ask for? You also don’t have to worry about how using it since your Callbox team will be with you side by side assisting you and helping you getting accustomed with the system before your campaign even starts. Imagine all this power with just a click of your mouse, you will be on top of your campaign as much as you want. And did I mention that it logs all of your follow emails, booked appointments, etc. and provides you notification for anything that you need to be notified for?